Image Communications has grown a lot in the past few years - from a traditional advertising agency to a full-service marketing services firm that offers a range of skills, including strategy, graphic design, web development, social networking and public relations.


Everyday we tell our clients about the importance of social media as a communication tool. We know that marketing is about staying relevant to your audience and meeting them where they are - online. That's why we're putting our Kindle where our mouth is and harnessing the power of the Internet and social media to come up with our new company name. So we're letting you win a chance to name our rapidly growing company and get one of the hottest gadgets out there in the process, Amazon's Kindle2!


Post your suggested name below before April 3 (11:59PM EST) and come back the week of April 13th to see our new identity launched here first (and find out who won the Kindle2!).


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Helpful Tips:

  1. Keep it short. If it's longer than "Image Communications," it's far too long.
  2. Think outside the box. If a cool enough word doesn't exist, make one up.
  3. Give us something new. We're tired of the words "Image" and "Communications" so please don't use them.
  4. Keep it clean. We have a lot of clients, don't let us offend anyone.
  5. Give it everything you got. We're open to almost all suggestions, and of course you want that Kindle 2!
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